FPN di Pisoni e Nesci Snc company was founded in San Giovanni di Polaveno in 1984, as a company specialized in steel processing and in particular in manufacturing items for butchers shops, salami and sausages factories and aviculture slaughtering house.

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The founding shareholders thirty years experience and constant commitment, allow us today to manufacture high quality products capable of meeting all the various and different customers needs and demands. This is why FPN company has matured in the years a quality oriented growth that has allowed the company to expand its range of products, boasting a production of accessories for the mid-large size wholesale distribution.

F.P.N. di Pisoni & Nesci Snc - Via Industriale, 2 - 25060 Polaveno (Brescia) ITALY
Telefono: +39 030 84316 - Fax: +39 030 8940915 - E-mail: info@fpnsnc.com
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